Many people are yearning for a way to take back control from a runaway oligarchy, but know of no way we can use the corrupt system to fix itself.
We have found such a way.

Break the Duopoly

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Breaking the Duopoly

Our plan is the first and only known plan whereby a people’s movement using only citizen action can realize a peaceful and constitutional political intervention to reign-in our duopolistic, corrupt, corporate oligarchy and allow truly democratically elected representatives to gain majority control of our government by 2024.

The first step of this two-step plan is to use a breakthrough strategy to get National Ranked Choice Voting by 2022. The second step is to build new parties and elect new representatives. This second step will occur with ease once we have NRCV, so we will leave that part up to other organizations.

In the News

National Ranked Choice Voting: A Way to Heal Democracy

Published in November 25, 2020

The Only Path to Get New Parties

Many people want a new party to break the duopoly.
A new party could represent the people and address the dozens of issues the current government ignores. However, our current system of one-choice voting has a vote splitting effect that creates an almost insurmountable obstacle to alternate parties. This effect invariably leads to a duopoly of two corrupt, unaccountable parties just like we see today. It creates so much disdain for third parties as to thwart them from even growing.

National Ranked Choice Voting does not have this flaw and we can get NRCV by citizen action alone! So let's get new parties in 2024, but first let's get a voting system in 2022 that allows us to vote for them!

The Plan

Our plan uses the system of referendum ballots that exists in 26 states to directly bring Ranked Choice Voting onto state ballots by petition so citizens can pass it into law by vote. This approach works - this is exactly what Maine did to get Ranked Choice Voting in 2018 and it is the same process that many states used to legalize marijuana.

The ballot issue sets the state up for Ranked Choice Voting and enters the state into an interstate pact for National Ranked Choice Voting with other participating states. The pact and the petitions pressure the remaining 24 states to enter the pact as well. We believe that there is enough desire for change in America that with a coordinated effort, we can get the signatures needed within every state.

Who We Are

Pat Cote

Member, Board of Directors

Patrick Cote dabbles part-time in satire, activism, and journalism. He has published two satire books, 'An Inconvenient Douche' and 'The Yass Kween Chronicles'.

Fiorella Isabel

Member, Board of Directors

Fiorella is a journalist, political analyst, activist, and organizer. She has been a powerful voice in the progressive movement.

Fiorella is the co-host of the ConvoCouch

Nick Cruse

Member, Board of Directors

Nick is a martial artist, former canvasser for the Bernie campaign, and self-admitted nature documentary addict, is a strong voice in the progressive movement.

Nick hosts regular live broadcasts on his Progressive Martial Artist youtube channel.

Chris Richards

Member, Board of Directors

Chris Richards is a political analyst, commentator, and writer.

Karl Schultz

Member, Board of Directors

Karl has experience in and has been trained in movement building, successfully starting two Sunrise movements, hosting the Green New Deal Town Hall (making the front page), and serving as Senior Advisor to the movements.

Mitch Randall

Chair, Board of Directors

Mitch's interest in the consequences of rules led him realize that our system of one-choice voting inevitably results in two, corrupt, unaccountable parties, where no 3rd party can ever win.

He has published videos on his Know Rules youtube channel spelling out the problems and the solution.

Our Organization

National Ranked Choice Voting is a Colorado Non-profit organization founded in July 2020. We are currently building-out our Board of Directors and ground team. Please contact us if you are interested in being part of the team.

Our Role

Our role is to support the efforts in every state through several avenues.

We provide public outreach to give visibility on a national level through press releases, appearances, articles, and advertisement, to educate voters and to further the movement in each state.

We drive the national fundraising effort and provide grants to fund state petition drives, state field offices, and paid staff. We provide help with the infrastructure materials such as example bills and example petition forms on a state by state basis from our web page.

We provide a national state progress tracker to help organize and focus national attention. We form coalitions with other organizations that benefit from or are already working to enact Ranked Choice Voting.

Voting System Exploratorium

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