Meet Our Board Members

Fiorella Isabel

Member, Board of Directors

Fiorella is a journalist, political analyst, activist, and organizer. She has been a powerful voice in the progressive movement.

Fiorella is the co-host of the ConvoCouch

ConvoCouch YouTube Channel

Nick Cruse

Member, Board of Directors

Nick is a martial artist, former canvasser for the Bernie campaign, and self-admitted nature documentary addict, is a strong voice in the progressive movement.

Nick hosts regular live broadcasts on his Progressive Martial Artist youtube channel.

Progressive Martial Artist YouTube Channel

Chris Richards

Member, Board of Directors

Chris Richards is a political analyst, commentator, and writer.

Karl Schultz

Member, Board of Directors

Karl has experience in and has been trained in movement building, successfully starting two Sunrise movements, hosting the Green New Deal Town Hall (making the front page), and serving as Senior Advisor to the movements.

Mitch Randall

Chair, Board of Directors

Mitch's interest in the consequences of rules led him realize that our system of one-choice voting inevitably results in two, corrupt, unaccountable parties, where no 3rd party can ever win.

He has published videos on his Know Rules youtube channel spelling out the problems and the solution.

Know Rules YouTube Channel


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